Political decisions

Responsible parties

The decision-making process is currently the responsibility of the core developers.

The actual list of the main contributors and their respective assignments is also found on this page.

Development model

The development model is inspired by those like the Linux kernel project, or the NetBSD core team. An entity has the role of "benevolent dictator", and takes decisions on behalf of everyone else. This is not to be confused with an autocracy, since decisions are openly and thoroughly discussed on the public mailing-lists first. Where consensus cannot be reached, this ensures that development does not stall or take any undesirable route, such as the implementation of ugly work-arounds.

Technical decisions

More concretely, the following high-level technical decisions were already taken, in order to achieve the desired goals:

Be efficient

  • all the source code in one repository
  • unify for a common framework and maximum code reuse
  • automate as many tasks as possible


  • kernel-independent base
  • dump historical code whenever possible
  • re-think the UNIX filesystem hierarchy
  • never hesitate to re-implement whenever useful

Remain accessible

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